The Right Toothbrush for a New Year

Your Mill Creek orthodontist wishes you a great start to your 2020! The beginning of the year is a fantastic time to set goals and get organized for the upcoming months. The marketplace is constantly changing to supply what we demand. There are so many options for toothbrushes out there, whether you’re shopping near your Mill Creek orthodontist or online. You may open up a whole new world of possibilities by making a new choice that supports your unique needs, rather than choosing the same design you’ve always used.  Consider your best option for the right toothbrush for a new year. Here are some toothbrush options your Mill Creek orthodontist wants you to consider today:


Handheld manual toothbrushes are your classic style… available everywhere toothbrushes are sold. Unless you’re ambidextrous, these are typically a repetitive muscle movement in small circles with the same arm.


Electric toothbrushes can be helpful for those who have trouble with the repetitive tight muscle movements or for brushing for the recommended two minutes. These days electric toothbrushes commonly have a two-minute timer, or for consecutive 30-second timers. Electric toothbrushes may be a great tool for braces, especially if there’s an ultrasonic option. This creates many small rapid vibrations that may help you loosen any trapped unwanted food particles. Rotational movement options can keep your arm from getting tired since the circular movements are done by the brush and not by your muscles.

Toothbrush Head

Your toothbrush head can be shaped like a diamond or a square, allowing for a more comfortable fit in your mouth. Feel which option makes more sense for you. Do you have tight corners that are hard to reach? Are you concerned about being able to clean the back molars? Is part of your orthodontic treatment to move your wisdom teeth into place or have you had those removed? These are a couple of options to consider your unique needs.

Bristle Design

The bristle layout can also support a more comfortable or effective session. While the square or rectangular design can work well for some, small differences in design may assist you in cleaning behind the braces’ wires and into tight corners near your brackets. Criss-cross bristles may be just the specification you need to get into those tight spaces. Wavy or multi-level bristles are also great options for those with braces since they’ll reach the surface area of your teeth around the brackets.

Polishing bristles are generally better for those with surface stains or discoloration to gently lift stains. Teeth whitening isn’t generally recommended until after your orthodontic treatment is complete. You wouldn’t want the tooth surface behind the brackets to be a different shade than the rest of your smile. Those with Invisalign rather than traditional braces may benefit from polishing bristles more since they are able to remove their trays to eat and brush their teeth.

Bristle Toughness

The toughness or softness of your bristles may also support different needs. Younger children or those with gentle gums may want to consider softer bristles. The softer bristles will be less effective at removing plaque than tough bristles are. Gentle bristles may also be more useful during the time that you wear your braces so that you’re not putting too much pressure on your brackets or wires. Bristles that are too tough also pose a greater threat to gum recession and periodontal disease. The bristles will wear down over time, making your old toothbrush left effective. Look for an ADA seal to ensure the integrity of the bristles, that they won’t fall out in your mouth.


In addition to consideration for manual or electric handles, the shape and grip can make a difference in the effectiveness. There are handles for left-handed humans. Calculated handles can help you reach into deep corners, past the molars for instance. Adaptable handles can offer some support in the way that you maneuver your toothbrush. Gripped handles are especially helpful in preventing a slip and pushing the toothbrush head too hard into your gums, hitting your braces, or teeth too hard.


Every choice that we make has the potential to open up new awareness. Every dollar we spend today is a vote for the type of goods and services we want to see in the marketplace tomorrow. By choosing more eco-friendly options, especially for items that are semi-disposable, we increase the likelihood that there will be more of these options the next time we need to replace it. Toothbrushes, have been comprised of plastic for years, and last only a few months. Your toothbrush should be replaced every few months to prevent brushing your teeth with the bacteria that are naturally collected on your toothbrush. We dispose of so many plastic toothbrushes as a society. By choosing eco-friendly alternatives, like recycled plastics from yogurt cups, bamboo, wood, or companies that recycle your toothbrush into new toothbrushes, we are voting to see more eco-friendly toothbrush options in the marketplace.

There are so many options to consider when looking for a replacement toothbrush. With hope, this article was able to get you to consider the best option for a toothbrush today that will support your unique needs. Mark it in your calendar, and revisit your unique needs for oral care in a few months when it’s time to replace your toothbrush again. If you’re still curious about which toothbrush is right for you, ask us during your next appointment. We’ve likely already taken x-rays or a deep and detailed look at your mouth. We may be able to recommend an option that will support you. If you enjoyed this article, consider popping over to our Facebook page. We often post other suggestions and tips for your perfect smile that may keep you informed until your next tightening appointment. Happy shopping!

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