The Trick to Trick-or-Treating with Braces

Halloween can be a challenge for those wearing braces. For some, it’s a permission slip to overindulge in candy, because you feel you’ve earned it. You spend time on your sweet costume, carefully plan your route, and are rewarded for your efforts in candy. Any other day of the year, you would avoid certain types of candy to risk damage to your braces. When not indulging in candy may not seem like a choice, we have a few tricks that will allow you to participate in all the fun of trick-or-treating with braces, without the risks.

Get Creative with Candy Bars

The occasional treasure in your goody bag, a king-size candy bar, may seem like an ultimate gift from the universe. These are often filled with nougat, caramel, or nuts. It may be tempting, but these types of candies, even the fun-sized ones, can bend wires or break off your brackets. How do you avoid a gift of this magnitude? You could trade with your friends or siblings who don’t wear braces for chocolates that melt in your mouth instead. If the treasure is too fantastic to trade, consider throwing it in the blender with some ice cream or yogurt for a tasty shake. You’d get all the flavor without the hazards.

Avoid The Sticky Ones

Fruit snacks are known to increase your chances of cavities, even without braces. After all your dedication to correct your smile, the last thing you’ll want is to be left with cavities when they’re taken off. Choices that stick to your teeth or braces should be avoided entirely. These are too risky to clean out of your braces, and can harden over your brackets or wires… yikes! Trade your fruit snacks, gummies, taffy, and caramels this year. Better yet, gather these sticky treats and donate them to a trick-or-treater who didn’t receive quite the bounty that you did. It just might make a great memory for them!

Avoid the Hard Ones

Hard candies can also break off your wires or brackets without much effort. Consider trading or donating these ones as well. Suckers can be safe so long as you suck them and don’t bite. Ask your Mill Creek orthodontist if you’re still unsure about which candies are unsafe.

Weigh Your Bag and Your Consequences

A giant bag of candy may be tempting, but ask yourself if you’re willing to risk delaying your health treatment plan. Any damage to your braces, like a broken wire or bracket, will prolong your orthodontic work. The average length of time to wear braces is 3 ½ years. Ask yourself if that extra piece is really worth it. You could set a limit for yourself on the appropriate amount of candy to indulge in before heading out for trick-or-treating with braces. Allow yourself to enjoy a few pieces that are safe for your braces, and trade or donate the rest. By protecting your braces whenever possible, you’ll only have to wear your braces for the minimum length of time set by your orthodontist team.

Remember to Brush and Floss

The most important tip from your Mill Creek orthodontist, as always, is to remember to brush and floss. Brush after eating anything from your goody bag. Use a water flosser to make sure the sugar, acids, carbs, and starches are washed away, as they all eventually become sugar and lead to cavities if not taken care of promptly.

Remember That We’re Here for You

During this month’s appointment, talk to our Mill Creek orthodontist about what to avoid if you have questions. You can call our office too! We’ll be happy to offer recommendations so that your perfect smile isn’t delayed due to broken wires or cavities. Make good choices that benefit your health and your teeth. Like our Facebook page for additional oral health tricks and healthy tips. With our help and your awareness, your smile will look better than the jack-o-lanterns lighting your route for trick-or-treating with braces.

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